2021 Makeup Trends You Should Be Sporting Right Now

Know your way around a winged eyeliner? Whether you follow makeup fads like a pro or are looking for ways to add that extra spunk to your style, we are sure you want to know what’s trending.

Read on, as we’ve scoured the world of beauty and influencers to uncover what’s hot and what’s not as far as makeup in 2021 goes. From natural-looking glows to subtle lip stains, these are the hottest makeup trends you need to be sporting right now!

Natural-looking but made up

This makeup trend takes you from your natural skin to made up, yet bare-faced. Think lit up from within, smooth skin with no garish colours that stand out.

How do you achieve this? Remember to fake it like a pro! If your skin doesn’t naturally glow from within, use good skin care and dewy moisturisers to get you started. Fans of foundation should move to a more subtle CC coverage cream. Don’t forget to add a highlighter on top – so your skin literally gleams when light falls on it! We particularly love the NARS Illuminator for this. A light-reflecting liquid, it features an ultra-weightless texture that easily glides onto skin and gives that shimmering from within appearance.

Clarins Lip Stain

Stained Lips

Struggling to find the right lippie to wear under a face mask? Instead of experimenting with different brands, swap your lipstick for a K-drama inspired lip stain instead. Not only will it stay on under a face mask, but it also gives you just the right hydration and colour for that subtle, natural look. The Clarins
Water Lip Stain
is an exceptional lip stain that provides everlasting lip colour that does not vanish under a mask.

Everything Eyebrows

You’ll be seeing a LOT of eyebrows this season, given that people are wearing masks, and now more aware of how the top half of their face looks. New brow trends include using brow soap or gel to get that brushed look, lots of natural-colour and micro-pigmentation. If you are a novice at eyebrow makeup consider getting an eyebrow mascara that can add the right amount of colour and shape to your brows without getting too overwhelming. We love Jane Iredale PureBrow Brow Gel that comes formulated with minerals and leaves brows smoother healthier and with just a hint of colour.

OTT Eyeliner

Seen your favourite Instagram influencers wearing over the top eyeliner? A trend that started with people getting creative under a face mask, the graphic eyeliner gives you a chance to truly stand out. Designs, arcs and cat-eyes are still going strong. In order to get the best out of your eyeliner experience, you’ll need a smooth consistency that comes with a fine, brush-like top. This will help draw precise lines, keep your liner from getting smudged and make you less wary of using one. The KISS ME Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner is a cult product known for its super-fine brush tip which is only 0.1 mm wide. The eyeliner is able to give easy strokes to build intensity from very fine to bold line results.

Joie de vivre

Not seeing much joy in anything? After the year we’ve all had, makeup trends have taken it upon themselves to bring joy in the form of colour. Whether it is blushing pinks, bright yellows or a sea of blue and green, wearing colour on your eyes is a trend you’ll be seeing plenty more of. Makeup palettes make great investments when you want to experiment with colours. We’ve got a soft spot for the Stila In The Garden Eye Shadow Palette that effortlessly glides on without leaving cracks on your lids. Featuring 10 eyeshadow shades and a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner, it gives endless makeup effects to suit any mood or occasion.