5 Elizabeth Arden Cult- Favourites You Need In Your Life

Elizabeth Arden is more than just a beauty icon. Elizabeth Arden spent her life creating products that nurtured the skin to improve it and not mask it. Instead of using makeup as a veneer that conceals the skin, Elizabeth Arden saw it as a perfect opportunity to put together the wonders of science and nature in bringing out the best in your skin. She brought to life products that exceeded desire; instead, she created necessities for women.

They were also the first brand to introduce the concept of “total beauty”— a holistic approach that involves nutrition and diligent skincare. Aside from advising their clientele to protect their skin from ageing and damage, they also encouraged them to do yoga and other physical activities. Their beliefs on beauty have guided their brand to success, and even though more than 100 years have passed, the name is still a classic. 

Below are the ultimate cult-favourite products a.k.a. beauty essentials from Elizabeth Arden:

Elizabeth Arden

Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum

The Advanced Ceramide Capsules Youth Restoring Serum helps replenish your ceramides to make your skin look younger, smoother, and firmer. It also has the skin-identical Ceramide Technology that restores your moisture barrier, increases hydration on the surface of your skin, and reduces the visible signs of ageing. Each capsule has a concentrated dose of ingredients in a lightweight and silky-smooth formula.  A bonus: it is also biodegradable, fragrance and preservative-free, so you can focus on getting your youthful glow without worrying about anything else. 

Visible Difference

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex

This moisturising cream has been a cult-favourite for decades, and that is all because of its long-lasting skin benefits. Its classic formula provides an occlusive barrier to prevent dryness that can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Also, it is lightweight, and it sinks into your skin, making sure that your skin fully absorbs its wonders.

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

When you say Elizabeth Arden, we know that you mean the Eight Hour Cream. This product is an ultimate cult favourite because it tackles everything! You can use it for minor irritations, inflammations, weather burns, scrapes, and abrasions. It also works well in soothing and relieving dry skin, transforming it from cracked and chapped to soft and smooth.

Green Tea Body Cream

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream

This intensely moisturising body cream is not only good for keeping your skin soft and bouncy, but it also has calming and uplifting scents. It has a blend of honey and green tea that work together to soothe and condition dry skin. It also contains top notes of spearmint, wild chamomile, and the base notes of birchwood and ambrette seed.

Elizabeth Arden

Ceramide Purifying Cream Cleanser

The Ceramide Purifying Cream Cleanser is gentle, but it thoroughly removes all dirt, makeup, and impurities on your skin. It also hydrates your skin and keeps it looking youthful with its blend of botanicals and Ceramide 3. The best part? It works on all skin types and is fragrance-free too! So you can rest assured that this cleanser will not irritate your skin.