5 Eyeliners That Have Amazing Staying Power

Eyeliners are probably the trickiest makeup product to apply. It requires intense concentration, steady hands, a superior product and sometimes divine intervention to get an eyeliner right. Don’t worry; we have all been there! And just as hard it is to apply, keeping your eyeliner from smudging or wearing off, is a challenge too.

So, which eyeliner should you buy? Look no further as we list the top 5 eyeliners that will give you intense pigmentation and lasting power!

Givenchy Eyeliner

Givenchy Magic Kajal Eye Pencil

Givenchy makes sure to spoil us with only the most luxurious of stuff and their Majic Kajal Eye Pencil is just that! Its intense black colour perfectly transforms your look from basic to edgy. Creamy and velvety, it allows for smooth application without tugging on your skin. What makes us love this eyeliner, even more, is its nourishing formula that comes with a mix of oils and waxes. This eyeliner is also easy to smudge for a sultry look or for tight lining.

Jane Iredale Eyeliner

Jane Iredale Mineral Eyeliner Pencil 

The Mineral Eyeliner Pencil by Jane Iredale has natural pigments that are good for your skin (and the planet, too!). It features a mixture of shea butter, vitamin E, and macadamia oil that nourishes and protects your skin as you apply it. If you love an eyeliner with a soft texture and an insane amount of pigment that stays all day long, this one is for you. Plus, you can use it all over your face—whether you want to use it as a liner or fill in your eyebrows.

Lancôme Artliner Eyeliner

Eyeliners are hard to apply for, so we really need all the help we can get. The Artliner Eyeliner from Lancôme features a built-in felt brush tip that makes it easier to glide through as you draw on your eyes or waterline. It helps you get sharper and more precise lines to easily achieve a cat eye or a winged eyeliner look. The best thing? The intensely rich pigment lasts all day long without budging or smearing!

Dior eyeliner

Dior Crayon Eyeliner

The rich and deep pigment of the Crayon Eyeliner from Dior is undeniably one of the reasons why makeup enthusiasts swear by it. But, its ultimate sell is its waterproof formula that stays throughout the day without fading or budging. It glides on smoothly, and you can confidently apply it with precision. Plus, they have it in many colours so you can play with your look and see what colours bring out the best in your eyes. 

Heroine Eyeliners

KissMe Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

Don’t let the price tag fool you because this affordable liquid eyeliner can match most high-end ones when it comes to application or colour payoff! It has an ultra-thin brush tip to help you create smooth and precise lines with ease. Another showstopping reason to buy this eyeliner is its jet-black colour that defines your eyes in an instant. Lastly, it is also waterproof and long-lasting.