5 Japanese Beauty Brands You NEED To Try

The Land of the Rising Sun, a.k.a. Japan, is famous for its immersive culture and incredible technology. We also love their breathtaking cherry blossoms, sumptuous cuisine (like sushi, ramen, and the crowd-favourite matcha!), and manga. But, did you know that Japanese Beauty Brands and skincare products are quite the rage too?

Today, we’ve curated the world’s favourite Japanese beauty brands that will introduce you to the wonders of Asian beauty. Who knows, you too may fall in love with these and make them staples in your daily routine!

Japanese beauty brands

KISSME Heroine

A bestselling beauty line since 2005, KISSME Heroine believes that there is beauty in freedom. It allows for users to showcase their unique and charming side with the best makeup products. Women all around Asia swear by their long-lasting mascaras and eyeliners, like the Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara and Long Stay Sharp Gel Liner. The best part? Their products are pocket-friendly and won’t break the bank.

Japanese beauty brands Shiseido


Shiseido is more than just a cult favourite; it is one of the top Japanese beauty brands loved all over the world! Shiseido started in 1872 in Ginza, Tokyo, as the first western-style private pharmaceutical company. They consistently pushed for innovations that redefined the beauty industry in Asia and the rest of the world, ranging from moisturisers to lipsticks and sunscreen products. Fun fact: they even gave us the founding principles in skincare and makeup! Looking for a Shiseido product to try? Check out their bestselling and award-winning Synchro Skin Self-refreshing Foundation, ModernMatte Powder Lipstick, and Microliner Ink.

Japanese beauty brands Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura

The remarkable Mr Shu Uemura himself believed that beautiful makeup starts with gorgeous skin. And it is this belief that drove him to redefine global beauty standards by creating a beauty line named after himself. A pioneer of makeup and skincare in the industry, Shu Uemura (pronounced shoe oo-eh-moor-ah) continues to innovate award-winning makeup. Today, professionals all over the world consider Shu Uemura as one of the best Japanese beauty brands! The golden standard in makeup, their products include icons like the Rouge Unlimited Amplified Lipstick, Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil, and LightBulb UV Compac. Not to forget, the Iconic Eyelash Curler maintains a firm place in global beauty charts.

Surratt Beauty

Surratt Beauty

Japan meets New York – this is how Suratt Beauty positions itself. Taking in the culture of Japanese beauty and the sensibility of New York, Suratt Beauty delivers quality makeup products with professional results. This makeup brand believes in the power of innovating beauty – with product personalisation. You’ll never go wrong with their Dew Drop Foundation, Relevee Mascara, and Expressioniste Brow Pomade.  



If you love drugstore makeup, then Canmake is your next go-to brand. Canmake is one of the most famous Japanese beauty brands in the world and has won multiple awards. For 30 years, women of all ages have loved Canmake because of the brand’s cute, versatile, and trendy makeup products. Their beauty must-haves include the Marshmallow Finish Powder, Quick Lash Curler, and Stay-on Balm Rouge.