BB Cream – What Is It And How to Use It?

Created as a moisturising cream complete with a light texture and the addition of small pigmentations, BB cream is designed to even out your complexion but very much in a natural way.

In fact, it has often been considered the evolved version of coloured cream and can be used as an alternative to foundation. Ideally, BB cream should be spread around the skin on your face starting from the hairline and blend in well to avoid streaks or stains.

Honestly, if you don’t have some sort of BB cream inside your beauty bag then we’d recommend doing so. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

The Origins of BB Cream

It was during the 1960s in Germany where BB facial cream was born out of a need for a cosmetic product that could protect and soothe the skin, but above all else regenerate the skin after any aesthetic medicine treatments. The idea here was to hide any redness and scars of the skin.

And thus a new way of looking after your skin was born.

What are BB Creams and How Do They Work?

Due to its ability to simplify your daily make-up preparation, as well as speed it up, BB creams should be a part of any makeup bag purely because it can adapt to any skin tone to smooth it, help cover small blemishes and create a radiant complexion.

What is BB Cream Made Of?

BB creams are a hybrid cosmetic product that will never replace your normal cosmetic products that you would typically use on a daily basis.

What it does do is complement your normal cosmetic products by helping them work more effectively. As you can see, they are there to enhance rather than replace.

The best BB creams on the market today typically consist of a moisturising base and have small pigmented microspheres inside. There are different quantities of pigmented microspheres available depending on the need of the formula to make the product more or less non-transparent.

This will dissolve when you apply the BB cream when the cream is coloured. It’s also made up of other such elements including collagen, hyaluronic acid as an anti-ageing element, sun protection elements, vitamin C and so much more.

Should I Replace Foundation with BB Cream?

It’s a question we are asked regularly when it comes to BB Cream. As we mentioned before, the best BB creams exist to enhance your existing skincare products, not replace them.

It’s also worth knowing that it will never provide complete skin coverage and therefore won’t ever cover every skin imperfection & blemish. The main benefit of using BB cream is that it will provide light coverage that won’t cover the skin completely which ensures a nude effect.

The blemish elements of the cream are also ideal as a base before you apply your foundation. This will increase the lasting effect it has and avoid any foundation marks that might appear when it enters your skin folds.

With this in mind, BB cream is an ideal cosmetic product for younger skin but for those who want that desired nude effect and to perfect their overall complexion.

Which Colour is Right For Me?

This can be the tricky part but certainly not difficult by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s always good to remember that the purpose of BB cream is to standardise your skin and not cover it.

If you are finding it tricky to find the right colour for your skin tone, the good news is that you can mix two different colours before you begin applying it.

While BB cream is typically used to enhance your skin complexion, there are some BB creams available specifically to combat various skin problems such as sensitive skin, allergies, and skin diseases. They also help with anti-ageing. 

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How Do I Remove It At The End of The Day? 

Despite the fact that BB cream offers light coverage, you will still need to remove it at the end of your day or night.

Using other products such as micellar water, cleansing gel, cleansing milk and tonic, will easily help you remove the BB cream and much more easily than removing foundation.