Beauty and Skincare Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Who else thinks that skincare was the new form of self-care in 2020? With some beauty brands reporting online sales twice as high as their pre-Covid days*, there’s been a natural shift towards spending more time and money on your skin.

What trends then can we hope to see in 2021? As each of us embraces face masks, at-home care and more self-awareness, we are sure to see major skews in consumer behaviour and the skincare that develops with it. Today, we take a look at what beauty and skincare trends will reign supreme in the new year.

Effective Skincare with Transparent Formulas

There will be an increasing demand for effective skincare that comes with transparent formulations as consumers become more aware of what they are using on their faces. Lockdown and the consequent free time, brought along a surge of interest in skincare ingredients – people could finally see what worked, and what worked well. Skipped on buying that bottle of Retinol? Vitamin A and C will dominate the skincare landscape due to their efficacy as will clinical formulations that ‘actually’ work.


As the year that had customers fighting over hand wash, 2020 opened up a need for better hygiene and hand care. 2021 will carry forward the trend but with a luxe element to it. Expect new brands and products that offer luxurious hand washes and creams. Cleaner packaging, lesser plastic, and an overall increase in variety – the industry is only set to grow!

At Home Devices

With a shift towards home-based skincare solutions, there has been an increase in the sales of skincare tools and devices in 2020. This trend will continue to grow in the new year as people put more time and effort into maintaining their skin.

If you’ve been holding back on that electronic cleanser or jade roller, experts visualize 2021 as the year you will be buying it. Whether it’s handheld tools like gua sha stones and rollers or high-tech skincare devices, the trend of using facial devices is here to stay.

Scalp is the New Skin Care

Remember that dandruff you noticed on your Zoom calls? Turns out you are not alone when it comes to recognizing the role of scalp care for better, cleaner hair. There’s a newfound emphasis on the scalp and you will increasingly see scalp and hair care as a new product category. Expect innovative brands and doctor-approved products that will help with hair loss and hair health all tied to the root of the problem – the scalp!

Slow Beauty

It seems that no-alcohol January isn’t the only detox we will be taking this year. Slow Beauty is making a comeback, where leaving your makeup deliberately light and moving away from being Instagram-perfect will become a norm. What does that mean? Naturally-tousled hair, freckles that show, and light or nude makeup that enhances but does not change your skin. Think inner glow without the outer layers of foundation.

Multi-functioning products

A sunscreen that tones, moisturizes and protects? We are going to see a surge in combination products that take away the need to buy more. This means plenty of makeup options that work across your eyes, lips and cheeks and skincare that brings down the steps on your K-Beauty regime. Look forward to cutting-edge formulations, better (and more conscious packaging) and an overall move towards minimalism.