Cosmetic Now’s Guide to Face Setting Powder

Whether it be translucent or mineral, face setting powders come in a vast range of shapes, sizes, and textures. Confused as to which one is the right one for you? Worry no longer! Our latest blog will explain it all in our guide to face setting powders.

Which face setting powder should you buy?

What is Face Powder?

Before we get into the particular face setting powders available to you, we thought it might be a good idea to explain what face powder actually is. In short, it’s a cosmetic product that you put on your face to set the foundation.

You can find a variety of finishes on the market today that can mattify, add glow or give you that highly sought after Kim Kardashian contoured look.

The Difference Between Finishing Powders and Face Setting Powders

Essentially, a setting powder does exactly what the name suggests – it sets your makeup. This means that you can get more life out of your foundations and concealers.

In contrast, a finishing powder is as close to a real-life Instagram filter as you’re going to get as it softens the look of your skin. You also apply them differently too; as you can use a damp blending sponge to press the setting powder and a light dusting with a brush when using a finishing powder.

Types of face setting powders

Types of Face Setting Powders Available

Translucent Powder

Typically, it’s used to mattify as well as prevent shine whilst not changing the colours of your foundation or concealer because it’s see-through.

This is a firm favourite of all the beauty gurus. The translucent powder comes in both loose form and pressed.

Finishing Powder

This type of pressed setting powder is used to conceal the appearance of fine lines and pores. A translucent powder can also be a finishing powder but not all of them are translucent though.

However, a good variety of them have beautiful pigments that can easily enhance your complexion further.

Mineral Powders

If you’re someone who prefers makeup with fewer chemicals, then mineral makeup products could be ideal for you. 

As the name suggests, mineral powders are retrieved from minerals and some even come with added vitamins. They come as either pressed setting powder or loose setting powder.

Pressed Compact Face Setting Powder

Hard to believe that a pressed compact powder can be a mineral, translucent, and finishing powder all in one. But it’s true! Pressed compact powder has to do with the texture of the product as it’s smoothly pressed into a compact which makes it ideal for when you’re out and about.

A lot of pressed setting powders that are compacted come pigmented, so you’ll always find one that works for your skin tone.

Whether you’re looking for a pressed compact powder, mineral powder or a pressed setting powder from a brand such as Dermablend, there are plenty of options available to you based on the type of skin you have and the powders you’d prefer.