Do You Know Your True Foundation Shade?

We’re lucky enough to speak to our amazing customers on a regular basis either through phone calls, emails or on social media, and one thing that stands out for us there was for seeking a chemical-free lifestyle with the makeup products they wear.

In particular, a lot of our customers have been chatting to us about our range of Jane Iredale makeup. This is due to the wide variety of foundations that are available and, of course, the choice of shade to match.

There are a number of makeup brands that do not take into consideration a number of factors including what your skin tone is, what your complexion shade is, and what your skin type is. All of these affect which type of foundation and shade you would choose.

What we’ll focus on in this blog is confirming what your foundation is but which ones will benefit specific skin types.

First of all, we’ve included below what the three main steps are to working out what shade you are without having to leave your home.

Jane iredale foundation

Your Complexion

This is an important first step for determining which foundation shade is applicable to you. Most women will assume that they are a shade lighter than their natural skin tone. In reality, if there’s a choice between a shade lighter or a shade darker, then always choose the latter.

Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone will always be at the core of purchasing the correct foundation shade for you. How so? Because if you’re buying foundations that don’t compliment your undertones, your foundation will always produce the wrong look.

If you happen to have neutral undertones you will have a mixture of both pink and yellow which means you’ll need a foundation shade which reflects.

When determining your skin tone, we’d recommend asking yourself the following questions:

What colours do I suit? Am I warm? Cool? Neutral?

What colours are my veins? Are they blue i.e. cool or green i.e. warm?

Do I burn easily in the sun or tan without sunscreen? If you burn easily, we’d recommend warm shades. But if you tan, be sure to choose a cool foundation shade.

Once you’re able to answer the above questions, it should help you decide whether you prefer predominantly warm or cool foundation shades.

Jane Iredale foundation - face powders

Your Skin Type

Finally, your skin type is another factor when choosing your preferred shade of foundation. We’ve included some types of foundations below to ensure your skin looks the best it possibly can.

And there you have it. These are the three things you’ll need to consider, and the questions you’ll need to ask yourself when determining your foundation shade.

Follow this and you’ll never leave anything to chance ever again.