Feeling Stuck? Here’s How To Re-create A Spa Day At Home

If the restrictions are making you feel low, know that you are not alone. Also, it is possible to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home, AND enjoy the moments of peace that such circumstances bring. Don’t believe us? Then try these tricks to turn an ordinary day into a spa day at home!

Set the scene for your spa day at home

Before starting your at-home spa experience, make sure to set the scene. This means physically ensuring everything is in place but also taking a step back mentally. Rid yourself of any screens or devices and try to calm your mind. When ready grab a relaxing playlist from any of your favourite apps and set it along your space to create that amazing atmosphere.

Grab a few scented candles

To create a spa day at home, you’ll need a candle or twenty! Spas are not complete without a relaxing atmosphere and a scented candle can help with that. In fact, scents from candles made with essential oils are known to stimulate our limbic system, the part of our brain that stores memories and emotions. It also rejigs your serotonin and dopamine levels giving you that much needed emotional high!

Spa day at home

Nothing says spa day at home like a bath

Who doesn’t love sinking into a warm bath! Switch your basic body washes with some seriously pampering bath salts, bath bombs, bubbles and even a few drops of essential bath oils. Have flowers in the house? Why not go a little extra and add those for a more sensual experience!

And if you don’t own a bathtub, do not let that stop you. Get those essential oils and infuse them in your skincare products. You can even apply massage oil before entering the shower and then enjoy the steam to let the goodness of these natural oils seep deep into your skin and your mind. Don’t forget to take your time, and slow down the bath experience.

How to have a spa day at home

Make sure to take care of your skin.

What if we told you that a spa day at home could double up as a pampering session for your skin? Take this time to purposely slow down. Apply that face mask, layer your skincare and let your complexion truly absorb each of their ingredients. Under-eye bags? Get those cucumber slices on ASAP!

Never forget the closing to your spa day at home

Once you’re done with a bath and moisturising your body and face, don’t jump back into the rut of life. Try and stay away from screens and enjoy the calmness you’ve achieved. You may want to grave a cup of camomile tea, apply foot cream and wear socks. You could also just grab an eye mask and use this as the perfect route to a blissful snooze. For an extra bump to your mood, use essential oils in a diffuser or via a humidifier and let the state of calm continue all night long.