How to Apply Jane Iredale Powder Foundation

If there’s one thing we know for certain here at Cosmetics Now, it’s that our foundation products are incredibly popular. Whether it be a brand such as NARS, Shiseido, or Laura Mercier, they’re always a big seller with our customers.

But we’ve also got another foundation brand that is just as popular as the others mentioned and that’s Jane Iredale. In this blog, we’re going to take you through how to apply Jane Iredale Powder Foundation so you too can look glamorous using this amazing product.

But First…Who is Jane Iredale?

Simply put – Jane Iredale is the mother of all independent makeup brands.

Founded in 1994 as a one-woman brand, the company is now positioned as a multimillion-dollar international cosmetics company with over 400 products available in more than 50 countries.

Her products are now judged and measured against the likes of L’Oreal, Avon and Coty.


Let’s Apply

Jane Iredale’s range of foundation products includes a variety of unique beneficial features that will give you your desired look.

The good news is that these products all come without talc, dye, oils and paraben which is generally their point of difference and what makes them a fantastic brand.

This also ensures your skin is much healthier when applying their foundation products, and that you are using a product that is cruelty-free.

Their foundations will give you a subtle yet airy & luminous look which ensures that your makeup won’t start to weigh you down.

Best of all, Jane Iredale foundation products can be applied either wet or dry but this will absolutely depend on the look you are after.

Follow the steps we have included below to get the most of your Jane Iredale foundation products.

We’d also recommend using makeup brushes if you want the absolute best results as you will typically find that your makeup lasts longer.

Types of face setting powders

This will also save you spending any more money on other foundation products.

1) Exfoliating is required to reduce the possibility of dry skin forming as well as any patches on your skin.

If you’re able to minimise this issue, then you’ll be able to increase the likelihood of achieving that all-important glow.

2) Applying Jane Iredale makeup products such as Dream Tint or the Absence Oil Control Primer will offer a smooth surface to begin applying and prevent colour change.

3) Choose the appropriate colour.

4) Use your makeup brush by stroking it in a circular motion in the compact powder and gently tapping it to remove any excess.

5) Begin applying the foundation product where you desire the most coverage.

Applying the foundation down the side of your cheek in a downward direction.

Then move in an upwards direction to your nose and apply the makeup in an out and down direction on your cheek.

Next, circle the brush under your eyes, over your eyelids, and your neck too. Repeat this process to the extent of what level of coverage you wish to have.