How to Use Camo Foundation and Makeup

Camo foundation or camouflage makeup is very much like high-end makeup…but better! It essentially gives you up to 10 times more pigmentation than any other makeup product. Its ingredients render it longer-lasting, and waterproof if applied correctly.

Technically, camo makeup products are ‘paramedical’ products, and therefore they’re tested to a higher standard than regular ones. This means that you should never be worried about suffering from any allergic reactions or break-outs from using it. 

All camo makeup comes in a vast range of different shades – you can find the exact one that matches your skin tone. Camo makeup products, such as camo cleansers, are used to cover up things that your typical makeup products can’t handle. Think vitiligo patches, scars, birthmarks and more!

What many people don’t realise is that it can also be effectively used as traditional makeup. This could mean as an under-eye concealer, to conceal blemishes or even as camo foundation.

For any bride reading this blog, camo makeup products are fabulous to use as they can last all day long. With all of this in mind, we wanted to share with you some of our top tips in achieving a natural-looking finish, whether you want to conceal any pigmentations or want to use it as a full-coverage concealer or as camo foundation.

Camo foundation and how to apply it

Less is Always More

Some camo products can be quite heavy as they use ingredients such as beeswax to ensure good application. This also means you should use very small amounts. When you see the finished result, you will be surprised at how little product you actually need.

Work in Layers and Colours Correctly With Camo Foundation

If you haven’t worked it just yet in this article, application is absolutely key when it comes to camo makeup.

If you have worked with small amounts, and whatever you’re trying to conceal is still showing, then be sure to add another layer. This is particularly evident with camo foundation.

Camo products can build up easily enough but not in such a way that you won’t end up looking caked.

Camo foundation cosmetics now

Powders Maybe Your Friend

There are always exceptions but as a general rule of thumb we’d recommend using skin camo makeup, such as camo foundation, that won’t be waterproof or smudge-proof until it has been set with powder.

Our other recommendation is to use it generously and to be patient. We’ve found that most people can be really afraid of setting powders and just put a little on over the top with a large brush.

For the absolute best results, we would recommend using a powder puff instead of a brush and really pressing the powder into the skin.

You then need to leave it to settle for a few minutes as it will start to be absorbed by your skin’s oils and will start being really effective. And those are three tips we’d highly recommend when it comes to using camo makeup. Whether it be setting powders or camo foundation, it will give you the long-lasting look that you’ve been looking for.