Is Jane Iredale Makeup Good for Your Skin?

The short answer is yes of course it is.

However, we want to add value to your makeup routine to showcase some of the benefits of using Jane Iredale makeup products for your skin. Typically, Jane Iredale produces and sells mineral makeup products that are created with cruelty free elements. What makes their makeup products incredibly popular with our customers here in Australia is because of what’s not in them.

They don’t include any materials that are typically found in traditional makeup that aren’t good for your skin including dyes, preservatives and oils.

It’s worth noting that many of these materials can be harmful to your skin and cause irritation which, in itself, is enough to choose a brand such as Jane Iredale for your makeup.

The point of difference with mineral makeup products is that it sticks to the skin’s natural oils rather than clogging up your pores.

This allows your skin to breathe easier rather than blocking pores resulting in further problems.

Who Can Benefit From Jane Iredale Makeup?

Anyone can really benefit from Jane Iredale’s vast range of makeup products.

However, more specifically, those with acne-prone or oily skin will typically see less aggravation and irritation when using mineral makeup products. As previously mentioned, most traditional makeup products contain oils that can make acne worse.

Those with sensitive skin will benefit greatly from mineral makeup products because they don’t contain many of the elements that typically irritate sensitive skin.

Applying foundation

What are the Benefits of Jane Iredale Makeup?

There are many benefits, but to begin with we’d say that because there is zinc oxide in these products this means there is a natural ingredient that’ll protect your skin from the sun.

Whilst we’re not suggesting you use this in place of UV protection, it will certainly add to your protection on a daily basis. Secondly, mineral makeup products such as Jane Iredale contain anti-inflammatory elements which is beneficial for those once they’ve had any laser treatment.

Also, these types of mineral makeup products will always last longer than traditional makeup as it won’t turn watery or clumpy after keeping it for a period of time.

Finally, you’ll only need to use a little bit of it to get that basic coverage look which also prevents you from buying it multiple times.

One thing to remember is that mineral makeup doesn’t just come in face powder and foundation options.  You can also get it in lipsticks, bronzers, eye shadows, blushes and primers to ensure you get that all-important natural look.