Shaving Tips for Men: Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Close Shave

Shaving tips for men – is that even a thing? Most men see shaving as a rite of passage. You start to shave when you’re growing up, and it’s as natural as riding a bike. Spoiler alert ahead! These shaving tips for men go beyond using shaving cream and a razor. In fact, those may just be the reason behind your damaged skin.

There’s a lot more to shaving such as the direction of shave, using soap or cream and even the amount of sunscreen you use! Read on to find out the right shaving tips for men and how you too can mimic a barber-style clean shave at home.


Shaving tips for menPrep your skin before shaving

Taking a hot shower or just putting a hot towel on your face before shaving can save you so much hassle. The heat opens up your pores and softens your facial hair, making it easier for your blade to glide through. But don’t leave your skin in the heat for too long because prolonged exposure can soften your skin and make you more prone to cuts (nobody wants that!). Using pre-shaving oil also helps because it acts as a booster in softening the hair to give you a smoother, more precise shave. 

Don’t forget to close your pores afterwards, or dirt can easily penetrate your pores. Use a cold towel or wash with cold water to do so.

Embrace exfoliants

Did you think scrubs and exfoliants are only for women? A face scrub can help to lift any dead skin cells from your face, thereby preventing clogged pores. A cleaner face also gives you a smoother and closer shave. Ideally scrub your face sometime before you shave, so that your skin gets time to recover. And as always, don’t scrub too hard!

Never dry shave

A dry shave makes your skin more prone to cuts and irritation, and if you think soap is enough to lather your face, it is NOT. Soaps have astringent, which can dry out your skin and give off a flaky appearance after a shave – shaving creams were made for a reason! They moisturize your skin and keep your beard hair up so you can shave easily. Brush a good amount of product after prepping your skin. Yes, this may feel like too much work, but nothing can compare to a clean, smooth feeling after shaving.

Apply shaving cream upwards

While shaving in the right direction is important, turns out the way you apply your shaving cream makes a difference too! Apply shave cream in an upward direction so you lift hair and away from the face. This helps to give you a cleaner, more effective shave. Lather is great, just don’t overdo it – you should be able to see the hair you shave!

Shaving tips for menCheck the direction of your hair growth first!

As far as shaving tips for men go, shaving in the right direction seems to be the most popular! There is no definitive answer on whether you should shave upwards or downwards—it all depends on the way your hair grows. Shaving against the direction of your hair growth can give you a closer shave and is more effective in removing facial hair.

Use light, short strokes when shaving

Here it is, the proper way to shave. Avoid dragging the blade from your ears down to your neck. Instead, use short strokes and work your way down, washing your razor blade after each stroke. 


Clean your razors

Razor hygiene is real fellas! Make sure to replace the cartridge head every few weeks. But, there’s plenty you can do to keep your current blades sharp. Firstly, rinse with hot water right after your shave to remove any looming dirt on it. This also ensures that bacteria do not grow on your blades. Next, shake the razor real good to help with the drying process. At the end of the post-shave rinse, give it a good shake to expedite drying. If you are extra with cleansing, consider buying rubbing alcohol to apply on the blades. Finally, store in a cool, dry place – not always your bathroom!

Shaving tips for menChange your blades regularly

It would be best if you replace your blades even before they become dull. A blunt razor blade may tug or cut your skin and may cause more harm than good. Depending on how much you shave, you may have to change your razors every 4 to 6 weeks. Sounds like a lot? Changing your blade often ensures that your razor remains sharp and glides on your skin smoothly.

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Rinse cold and apply aftershave

Just like you need a cold rinse to seal hair cuticles and lock moisture into hair strands, your skin too can benefit from a cold rinse after shaving. This helps to close the pores and give you a smoother look while preventing bacteria from lodging in.

Don’t forget your aftershave! Choose from shaving balms, toners or lotions and religiously apply after your shave. This essential step will keep your pores clean and soothe your skin preventing redness or soreness.

Last but not least, use sunscreen!

When you shave off your facial hair, the protection they give your skin against the sun also depletes. To prevent skin damage, apply sunscreen on your face every single day. Rain or shine!