The Right Way To Apply Concealer

We love a good coverage product, like the iconic Nars concealer! A concealer is comparable to a foundation except that it is more powerful and versatile: it covers your dark spots, scars, and blemishes. And on days when you don’t want to apply foundation, using just a concealer will do. But, aside from tucking insecurities away, concealers also do a great job of highlighting and reshaping. 

Here’s the ultimate cheat sheet to concealers— from choosing the right shade to proper blending, we have it all covered (no pun intended): 

Find a concealer that suits your skin type and colour

We get how confusing it can be! There are tons of formulas and types of concealers out there: lightweight, full coverage, colour corrector, and more. When choosing the perfect shade, use a yellow-based product that’s one to two shades lighter than your actual skin tone. For formulations, the trick is to keep trying until you find one that works for coverage, texture, and so on. 

Foundation comes first

You read that right— your concealer comes after your foundation. Although there’s no written rule that you can’t apple concealer first, it is still better to apply it after to prevent caking. Plus: If done this way, you’ll use less concealer, and you’ll have fuller coverage. A win-win, if you’ll ask us. This Nars Concealer is a good option and features a skin-nurturing creamy texture. A long-lasting and crease-proof formula, it is developed with light-diffusing technology that instantly covers imperfections and fine lines.

Apply concealer in a triangle

Create an inverted triangle for your under-eyes(special ft. Nars Concealer)

Swiping concealer right below your lash line will emphasize your dark circles instead of covering them, and it will crease so much more. Instead, draw two lines to form an inverted triangle under your eye and blend gently using your finger or a brush. If you are using your finger to blend, use your ring finger since it is the weakest and applies the least pressure. Want an arrangement of shades to choose from? The Nars Concealer comes in 16 different shades on Cosmetics Now and will not disappoint.

Conceal your blemishes and the area around your nose

A rule of thumb is to apply concealer to your dark spots or pimple, then gently blend with a brush, beauty sponge, or your ring finger. After spot-applying, apply concealer to your nose and other areas of concern. For a long-lasting coverage on the nose area, dab it on with your ring finger and blend it in, focusing on the creases. When applying around your nose and on any red spots, make sure to only dab and not drag the product on your skin to avoid wrinkles and damage!

Concealer colour correcting

Tackle your stubborn spots with a colour corrector

If your full coverage concealer is not cutting it, use a colour corrector to cancel out unwanted tones. Taking notes from the colour theory, a colour-correcting concealer helps tone down skin blemishes and circles. For example, a green concealer will cancel out the redness of pimples and inflamed spots, whilst a peach-toned one will neutralize the blue tones from your dark circles.

Follow up your Nars Concealer (or any other) with powder

Setting with powder is the last and most essential step when it comes to concealer. Doing this trick helps keep your concealer in place and prevent unwanted creasing. It’s simple: after applying your product like the Nars Concealer we’ve been raving about, dab some powder on your face and gently brush it to remove excess powder. Then to lock in your whole makeup look, finish off with your go-to setting spray.