Three Mineral Sunscreens to Wear This Summer

And just like that, summer is now upon us once again in Australia. It’s possibly one of the best times of the year with Christmas, the beach, the seemingly endless sunny days, and all the gatherings you’ll have with friends & family.

But with all of the fun and festivities happening, there can be times when you might forget to apply sunscreen to protect you from those harmful UV rays.

Whilst your ordinary sunscreen will ultimately give you the protection you need, choosing a higher level of sunscreen such as a mineral sunscreen might just give you that level of protection that you’re looking for.

But why mineral sunscreen specifically? Good question. Essentially, it won’t irritate skin types that might be sensitive to various creams such as those who have acne or eczema.

So not only are mineral SPFs better for your skin but they’re so much better for the environment given their chemical makeup. 

It’s worth noting that non-mineral sunscreens include chemicals that are harmful to marine life. These chemicals include oxybenzone which, when filtered into the water, can damage marine areas such as coral reefs.

Let’s look at three mineral sunscreens that you should consider using this summer and beyond.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion WetForce for Sensitive Skin SPF 50+

If you’ve got sensitive skin, then look no further than this gem of a mineral sunscreen from Shiseido.

With a huge range of skincare products available, Shiseido is a leading brand in the market when it comes to sunscreen and this is no exception. With a raspberry scent to aid antioxidants, and aloe-leaf extract for hydration, you won’t go wrong when applying this to your skin.

Ren Clean Skincare Clean Screen Mineral SPF30

Another favourite of ours, the Ren Clean Skincare mineral sunscreen SPF30 is highly effective during any summer period. Combining yellow passionfruit-seed extract and rich starch, it provides antioxidants to your skin, can protect against environmental damage, reduce that shiny look, and absorb excess oils.

We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

A popular brand in the skincare world, this Neutrogena mineral sunscreen lotion will be a winner for your everyday activities this summer.

Very much a high-quality product at an affordable price, this lotion offers broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection against UV rays largely attributed to its naturally sourced 100% zinc oxide. Also, it uses a special dry-touch technology ensuring your skin won’t have that greasy feeling you might get from an everyday sunscreen.

These are just three of the many mineral sunscreens that are available to you that will protect you and your skin from those harmful UV rays this summer.

Not only will they protect your skin but they’re healthy and safe for the environment too.