TikTok Skincare Trends You Should Steer Clear Of!

Seen any TikTok skincare trends you want to follow? While a great platform for content distribution, some of the advice given on TikTok, especially when it comes to skincare remains questionable! So, if you have been contemplating joining the TikTok Skincare Trends bandwagon, leave everything and read this. From dermaplaning to contouring with sunscreen, here’s presenting the TikTok Skincare Trends that you should definitely avoid!

TikTok Skincare Trend – Contouring With Your Sunscreen

This skincare trend advocates applying sunscreen on your raised facial points and then sitting in the sun to get a contoured appearance. Look for #sunscreencontouring and you will find over a million views, but that doesn’t mean it is safe! With so much skin exposed to the sun, and UV damage, you will only invite premature ageing and skin cancer. TikTok trends aside, the biggest favour you can do for your skin is to slather on a broad-spectrum sunscreen, all day long!

Homemade Scrubs

Coffee granules as a face scrub? No way! You may want to use your kitchen essentials to double up as skincare, but any abrasive grains can actually cut into your skin causing microtears. The same goes for adding baking soda to your face mask! Baking soda may leave your skin sore and tight – an absolute horror for sensitive skin types. How about lemon juice on your skin? Know that the natural pH of the skin is between 4.7 and 5.7, and lemon’s pH is around 2, which means applying it to your skin will disrupt the natural barrier function of the skin.

TikTok Skincare Trends Dermaplaning

TikTok Skincare Trend – Dermaplaning

This next one is the act of removing facial hair with a blade. And while dermaplaning can help to make your skin smoother it can cause damage to your skin, if done as a home treatment. This is because shaving the top layer of your skin can take away dead skin and minute hair, but it also increases the chances of cutting yourself and introducing bacteria to your skin. You can still get the benefits of dermaplaning by going to a certified aesthetician that specialises in it!

Using Exfolianting Brushes with Scrubs

You already know our thoughts about physical scrubs but adding electric exfoliators or brushes to the mix, makes this TikTok skincare trend a complete disaster! Physical exfoliation can be beneficial for some but too much and you start to destroy your skin. Using scrubs or similar products by themselves can be quite harmful to the skin, but when you add a brush or two, you are looking at a cleansing process that is extremely abrasive for any skin type!

TikTok Skincare trends over exfoliating

TikTok Skincare Trend – Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel seems to be TikTok’s favourite skincare ingredient! While Witch Hazel and some of the other alcohols advocated on TikTok can help, if you have dry and sensitive skin, these may be more harmful in the long run. Also, watch out for products that contain alcohol or fragrance as these can cause sensitive skin to react and break out!