How to Apply Tinted Moisturiser

Let’s be real for a moment – there are some days when full-coverage foundation is what we want, and then there are days when bare-faced is what we really want. But what if there were days when you wanted something that was both lighter and more informal? What then?

This is where a high-quality tinted moisturiser comes into the equation.

To begin with, it’s important to call out that there’s a difference between tinted foundation and any BB creams.

People who have blemishes such as fatigue, hyperpigmentation, and pimples, will typically opt for foundation to hide these. Foundation has become quite a popular cosmetic product in recent years as new products arrive on the market claiming to provide lasting coverage.

However, while they are effective in hiding flaws and blemishes, these products can clog your pores and leave your skin looking worse off than before.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to show you how to apply tinted moisturiser so you can avoid any issues.


What is Tinted Moisturiser?

If this is your first time using tinted moisturisers, we want to extend a warm welcome to this amazing time in your life. Honestly, you won’t ever look back.

In short, it’s a hydrating liquid-cream natural makeup that combines the benefits of natural moisturisers with the colour and coverage of a foundation. It’s pretty amazing!

Most beauty balm creams aka BB creams offer UV protection and assist in blurring and concealing imperfections which results in a more even skin tone. They’re ideal if you’re after a more relaxed style.

Apply Tinted Moisturiser Correctly

Now that we’ve discussed what it is, how do you apply it to get the most out of it?

Tinted moisturisers can help you have an even skin tone by providing sheer, moisturising coverage. 

It’s worth noting that because these moisturisers are coloured that many people make the application process far more difficult than it needs to be.

In reality, it’s really not that hard to use and we’re going to show you how.

Laura mercier tinted moisturiser how to apply

1. Cleanse and Moisturise

Begin by thoroughly washing your face and blotting it with a cloth afterwards. Rub your damp skin with a small drop of moisturiser and then apply your chosen sunscreen. Be sure to allow this to fully absorb into your skin for a few minutes.

2. Apply the Tinted Moisturiser

Apply a small amount of this amazing skin care product all over your face. Dab your fingertip with a small drop size of product and apply it to various places including cheeks, bridge of your nose, and brow bone.

3. Blend

Take the tinted moisturiser and apply it to your face and blend thoroughly with your fingers. Continue to apply it with your brush in an upward sweeping motion, as well as small circular motions.

4. Blend Those Lines

Once your lines are thoroughly blended in, use your makeup brush to apply moisturiser all over the face with a keen focus on your jawline, nose, and eyes. This will assist in hiding any noticeable makeup lines.

5. Next…Concealer!

Concealer is incredibly effective when hiding any blemishes around or under your eyes. We’d recommend using a high-quality creamy concealer to do this along with a concealer brush.

Quick tip – avoid applying the concealer too far from your eyelash line as it will crease them. 

Next spread the concealer all over your eyelids, including areas such as the inner corner and right below your lash lines.

Combining a concealer with a tinted moisturiser will ensure your skin looks more uniform.

6. Using a Setting Powder

Using a tinted moisturiser along with a quality setting powder will help it stay in place for longer. Start off by powdering your face softly with a wide makeup brush. 

We recommend getting all the way under your eyes where the aforementioned creamy concealer has been applied.

Using a tinted moisturiser as part of your makeup routine will give your skin a healthy, dewy look that will give you the coverage, and protection, you will need on a daily basis.