How To Make Your Concealer Look Invisible

Let’s be honest – concealer is a game-changer. Period.

However, just as important as having the perfect concealer in your makeup bag, you also need to know how to apply concealer to get rid of those unwanted dark circles around your eyes or those unwanted spots.

But you don’t want to apply concealer to the point where it’s noticeable. We’re not about that life here at Cosmetics Now.

That Smooth Canvas Look And Feel

To get that silky smooth look and feel, you can thoroughly cleanse and hydrate your skin with a number of rich yet weightless moisturisers is just the beginning.

They can also be used for that ultimate flake-free glow or for that extra layer of moisture.

Don’t forget to combine it with foundation and apply that first all over, even under the eyes. 

If you do that first, you won’t need nearly as much concealer as you might think.

What’s Your Shade?

There’s nothing worse than when your skin undertones are mismatched because it starts to make your concealer look almost too obvious.

This is why it’s important to know your concealer shade to match it with your skin tone.

Do you have warmer skin tones? Then pair it with orange or yellow undertones. Maybe your skin has cooler tones? You’ll find shades of pink will work wonders.

If you’re not doing it already, you should use different shades of concealer on different parts of your face. For instance, a light-reflective formula that is a touch lighter than your skin is perfect for the area under your eyes.

To contrast that, be sure to use a richer formula that seamlessly matches and accentuates everything.

Start In and Move Out

Pro tip: there’s no need to cover the entire under-eye area with concealer. Just wherever it’s most dark.

When applying concealer around this area, be sure to start from the inner corner of the eyes and move outward.

Don’t get too close to your bottom eyelashes as it will create unnecessary build-up of product and won’t look the greatest when you’re finished. 

Treating Blemishes

Before you apply your concealer to any blemish, we’d recommend applying a matte primer first. 

Why? Well, blemishes are already producing enough natural oils as it is. The primer allows for the concealer to be applied without slip and sliding on the skin.

Once you’ve applied the matte primer, you can apply concealer on the blemish in question and blend it in.

These are just some of our recommendations on how to make your concealer look invisible and how you can use other products for that all-important natural look.