Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen

Let’s talk about sunscreen and what you really need to know. The constant debate between physical vs. chemical sunscreen is confusing – haven’t we all been using chemical sunscreen all along?

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Let’s Make Your Sunscreen Work With Your Makeup

Wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays has been drilled into us since birth.

But wait! What if you need to use your sunscreen with your makeup? What then?

We reckon that leaving home without the essentials such as foundation and mascara is a big no-no, but we also recognise you might not have known how to blend it with your sunscreen.

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How To Buy Sunscreen For Your Skin Type?

Hate applying sunscreen? One of the major reasons why people skip sunscreen application is to avoid that goopy, oily look or a post SPF white-cast! And while you can’t skip sunscreen altogether, you can certainly buy the right one for your skin type. Read on to find out how to shop for sunscreen, so you can stay protected without it feeling like a chore!

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The Ultimate 5 Step, No-Nonsense Skincare Routine for Men

Do you feel overwhelmed by the range of skincare available for men? Skincare routines for men don’t need to be complicated. A few steps, done diligently, can truly work for most skin types and also ensure you are giving your skin the best, as you age.

Need help choosing how and what to do? We’ve got this simple, no-nonsense 5 step skincare routine for men that is a breeze to follow, has the right ingredients and most importantly – it works!

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8 Rules for Layering Your Skincare Right

Gone are the days when skincare was only about cleaning, toning, and moisturising! With serums, actives, masks, and oils added to a normal day (or night), the process and order of how to apply them becomes complicated.

Does it really matter if you use serum before your toner or after an oil? Turns out the order of layering your skincare can make a huge difference to its absorption and efficacy. You might have the most expensive skincare products in the world, but if you are applying them wrong, it’s likely that you are wasting your time and money!

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