When To Do Your Skincare Routine?

Effective skincare can be quite a difficult thing to achieve for a number of people. Our latest blog will look at our recommendations for when is the best time to do your skincare routine.

In short, your skincare should ideally be done twice a day – morning and evening – which is what we’ll be looking at in this blog.


But why a morning skincare routine?

Essentially, your morning skincare routine is to refresh your skin from your sleep and to treat, prepare and protect it for your day ahead.

It’s also necessary for your makeup application.

Whatever your skin type might be, if you wear makeup on a regular basis your morning skincare routine needs to be light in texture.

Regardless if your skin is dry, we’d recommend choosing light layers of hydrating, nourishing makeup products instead of one thick layer of heavy cream.

Essentially, it will absorb better into your skin and provide a better base for when you apply your makeup.

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When is the best time to do your morning skincare routine?

We think the best time to begin your skincare routine in the morning is basically as soon as you wake up.

Applying your skincare first thing in the morning allows your skincare products enough time to completely absorb.

This will allow you to go about your morning as you normally would i.e. brushing your teeth, getting dressed etc. before applying your makeup.

This will ensure that when you apply your high-quality foundation product, such as NARS, it’s not going to slide around with your moisturiser product.

Our best recommendation

If your skin is more oily than normal or when you happen to notice your skin getting oily throughout the day, we’d strongly recommend using a moisturiser and not missing this step.

Once you’ve ensured enough time has passed for your skincare products to have absorbed into your skin, and before you apply your makeup, use a tissue to press gently over any areas of concern.

This will only remove the excess product that has yet to be absorbed by your skin.


But why a morning skincare routine?

In short, your evening skincare routine exists to remove the makeup you have worn that day should you have worn it.

Either way, it will help cleanse any impurities from your day’s activities, as well as any dust, dirt, pollution, or germs from your skin.

It’s also another way to further treat your skin. Whether you need to nourish mature or dry skin, rebalance oily skin, or rehydrate dehydrated skin.

Furthermore, it will also ensure your skin can repair and renew whilst you sleep.

When is the best time to do your evening skincare routine?

Our recommendation for the best time to do your evening skincare routine is when you are starting to wind down for the night or as soon as you don’t require any makeup.

There are some people who will begin their evening skincare routine is literally as they’re going to bed.

The only issue we have with this is that they will leave much of their product on their pillows and sheets thus reducing the effectiveness of their routine. 

If you perform your skincare routine earlier in the evening before you go to bed, you’re allowing maximum time for your skincare products to absorb into your skin.


Our best recommendation

The best recommendation we have for an evening skincare routine is to have three products by your bedside at all times – lip balm and hand and eye cream.

If you have applied lip products earlier on in the day, you should reapply in bed too for maximum effectiveness.

These are our recommendations of when we think you should do your skincare routine to ensure maximum effectiveness.

If you have your own tips and recommendations that you use for your own skincare routine, please share them in the comments section below.